Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo Friday: Blue

The lady in blue, herself.


  1. The jeans image is great. I shot new and old jeans, with and without patches, dry and wet, in sun and in shade, and did not like anything I got. You nailed it.

    By the by, I learned that indigo is "the" jeans dye. Apparently it is still being used in modern blue denim. Nice to know that some natural dyes have not been supplanted by synthetics.

  2. We try to wear blue on every feast of the Theotokos! ♥ I think those blue shoes/slippers with the sequins on the toes are darling!!!

  3. Mark, thank you for your comments! I greatly enjoy conversing over photographic endeavors, so thank you for sharing about the jeans. Capturing them well is no easy task! It took me quite a while to get a decent shot. That little fact about jeans was also interesting! I did not know that.


  4. Marfa, what a beautiful tradition! I would like to join you in that. :) The slippers are my little sister's - aren't they sweet?