Sunday, July 1, 2012

Without Rain

Father Paul S. Fedec

“O Lord Almighty, who has scattered the clouds over all the ends of the Earth; we ask that You create a tempest with rain, send forth the wind from your Heavenly Treasury, gather the waters from the seas and let them pour down upon the face of this Earth, for it is in You alone that we have great hope.

We acknowledge our sins and weaknesses, and we humbly ask for Your mercy.  Command the clouds to provide the rain that will re-freshen the land on which we stand.  Be kind and merciful to the Elderly and the Young, to all of Your servants, and to all the animals of the Earth; for it is only with moisture that we are able to grow food for ourselves and for our animals.

Receive the prayers of all Your people, O Lord; do not deny us of Your Grace, neither ignore us in Your anxiety, nor punish us in Your anger, but accept our prayers as from creatures in need.

All of our eyes are turned to You, O God, and it is our firm hope that You will be merciful to Your people and that You will be generous in granting rain that is necessary to restore this parched land to its fullness.

We ask this in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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