Saturday, May 7, 2011

Living Out

     While it was not explicitly stated within my Missionem, living incarnationally is what I hope to be the central theme of my Mission Statement. I intend to take the ideals presented and embody them into my everyday life. I thought a good place to start in this would be an act of service--just that.
     When my mom informed me that my ailing grandparents would be traveling alone on a fourteen hour road trip to my cousin's graduation, I considered this the perfect opportunity to serve them. My grandmother suffers from extreme arthritis and Parkinson's disease, making mundane tasks extremely difficult. This would deem a large task such as preparing for a trip nearly impossible. My grandfather suffers from both old age and "ignorant in matters concerning the home," syndrome. He holds the best of intentions. None-the-less, let's just say they could use my help. 
    I called my grandmother about a week ago presenting my idea to help her in any way I could, and I received the exact reaction I expected. "Oh no, honey. Don't you worry about us. I know that you're very busy and tired." She said. "No grandma, I want to do this for you," I persisted. She remained stubborn on the matter, as she has always been reluctant to accept help.  I took a more assertive approach. "I would like you to write me out a list of tasks that you need to complete before the trip. Are you doing anything Monday evening?" I asked. "Well, no but..." she attempted. "Good," I cut her off, "I will see you then. I love you." 
    I arrived at their home Monday evening just as I said and after the initial friendly hello's and brief conversation I got right to work. Surprisingly, my grandmother did indeed create a list, and was willing to allow me to work. Thus began the living out.

  A Spiritual and Physical Spring Cleaning



Taking out the Trash

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it.  
~Author Unknown

Sweeping out the Dirt - Literally and 



Some aspects of my Missionem that I saw present were:

                                                     Order and Rhythm 

                                         Beauty in the Commonplace

Being Fully Present in my Pursuits, Passions, and Relationships

One note in my Mission Statement is to "cultivate a nature of reliability and consistency." I also have several mentions of "being faithful." While Monday evening was a good start, I intend to continue intentional service to my Grandparent's regularly. My hope is to fill my time spent with them with conversation, service, love, and rest. This will hopefully result in a seed being planted toward fully living out. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Missionem (Misssion Statement)

I Take Delight In
  • ·      Order and rhythm
  • ·      Encountering the Sacred
  • ·      Sweet Commiseration
  • ·      Beauty in the commonplace

 I Aspire to
  • ·      Be a faithful daughter, sister, friend, and parishioner
  • ·      Cultivate a nature of reliability and consistency
  • ·      Be a person of a gentle and graceful spirit  
  • ·      Give thanks in all, and complain at little
  • ·      Attend to all three aspects of my personhood; my soul, spirit, and body

  • I Will

  • ·      Embrace my faith and Spiritual Community wholly
  • ·      Be fully present in my pursuits, passions, and relationships
  • ·      Fall before my Savior in adoration
  • ·      Defend the dignity of others