Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo Friday: Blue

The lady in blue, herself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet Vince

Meet Vince. 
My roommate, Alicia, and I met Vince while studying one rainy afternoon at the local Starbucks. He has become a dear friend.
He was enjoying his regular one-shot of espresso with cream with a mystery novel in hand. 
"What are you two young ladies reading?" asked he. 
"We are reading 'Augustine's Confessions'" answered we. 
"My name is Maddie," said I. 
"And I am Alicia," said she.
"What a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Vince."
And thus began the mark of a great friendship for the three. 

Wednesday at 4:00 was our weekly meeting time at Starbucks. 
We were treated to good conversation concerning studies, books, politics, and our favorite - many good stories from Vince.

Midway through the semester, our dear friend, Stephanie, joined in our friendship with Vince. I am so glad she was also able to share in the blessings offered through his friendship.

Meet Lucie.
She is Vince's dog. Lucie is also our friend. 

Vince grew up on the Jersey shore. 

One day in April, we spent a day on the beach with Vince.

Meet Bill. He is one of Vince's good friends.
They spent many of their younger days life-guarding on the shore together.
We heard many of their escapades and adventures as lifeguards over a lovely lunch at the Jersey Shore Diner.

Hanging in the diner is a picture of Vince in his younger days as a lifeguard.
I'm sure he would still be up for the job. 

Though he may not realize it, our friendship with Vince has taught us a great many lessons.
"Slow down. Listen. Embrace the present," echoes in my mind.
What a great blessing it has also been to escape the ceaseless company of 18 to 22 year olds for an hour each week. This is perhaps one of the best remedies for the all consuming "me me me" mantra that plays over and over again in our daily lives.

My unending to-do lists and the relentless calling of all that needs to be attended to; my books, my papers, my projects, my studying, my deadlines. The meals I must eat, the workouts I must complete, my bills, my expenses; the order and cleanliness of my room, my dishes and laundry.

The chaos and bustle that constructs our world. Yet in this chaotic world, only the self is attended, for that is all that is required.
For how easy it is to forget that a world exists beyond our own until we open ourselves to it.
Thank you, Vince, for opening a window to a new world for us.