Monday, March 28, 2011

The Quest Commences

To solely write and ponder on living incarnationally would be the equivalent of scarfing down a delectable hot fudge ice cream sundae while simultaneously deeply desiring weight loss. Therefore, I have decided to begin a quest of my own - searching for ways in which I may embody the values and characteristics of my Savior.

I want my quest to be:
* Authentic
* Genuine
* Divine Inspired
* Unrehearsed, open to Christ’s prompting -- and yet, proactive on my part.
* Purposeful

My hope is that more than the quest itself, I will remember the spirit in which I approach it. Being an extremely orderly person that functions on routine, it is difficult for me to leave space for the spontaneity that The Kingdom requires. Therefore, may this endeavor serve as a beneficial spiritual lesson built on prayer and Godly wisdom.

And thus, the quest begins.

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