Friday, August 24, 2012

The Setting of Summer

An agitation of the air,
A perturbation of the light
Admonished me the unloved year
Would turn on its hinge that night.
I stood in the disenchanted field
Amid the stubble and the stones,
Amazed, while a small worm lisped to me
The song of my marrow-bones.
Blue poured into summer blue,
A hawk broke from his cloudless tower,
The roof of the silo blazed, and I knew
That part of my life was over.
Already the iron door of the north
Clangs open: birds, leaves, snows
Order their populations forth,
And a cruel wind blows.

-Stanley Kunitz


  1. Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures!!!

  2. You can't go wrong with that subject matter, and the compositions work really well.

  3. Well, those are just beautiful! Really well done, Maddie! Great focus and perspective!