Friday, July 1, 2011

Eucharistic Endeavors - A Summer Project.

Molly Sabourin, a brilliant blogger that I follow, and Ann Voskamp, a brilliant author, have inspired me. Molly Sabourin has begun to publish a photo to her blog, "Close to Home," everyday, for 365 days. Ann Voskamp, as she relayed in her book, "One Thousand Gifts", mindfully wrote out, and gave thanks for 1,000 things. I, being far less ambitious and talented than either of these ladies, have decided to commence similar attempts, with a twist. I will modify by relaying my thanksgiving through image, as well as limit to a photo everyday -- until I journey out to being school at the end of August. I cannot guarantee daily images that are pleasing to the eye, but only time will tell. My purpose in this is two-fold: to train, experiment, and cultivate an artistic nature, as well as to capture beauty, and transform these things into a lasting likeness, and continual reminder of God's good graces. I entitle this project "Eucharistic Endeavors," - attempts at thanksgiving. 

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